How to plan the perfect holidays in Rye

Posted By on Oct 31, 2016 |

For all the countryside lovers there is one place you should be thinking on going. The place is Rye, located in east Sussex this is a must see on your list of beautiful places.

Looking to the banks of the Rother River and only 2 miles from the sea this town is full of surprises.

Fresh fish is served in restaurants and renowned hotels such as the Kings Head Inn. You can reserve online or by phone. The place has won praise from several organizations.  You can be certain that everything made here is at the highest standards.

There are also coffee shops, restaurants and tea houses offering tasty menus all day. How you’ll spend the day depends on your interests. The best advice is to start with a walk through the town centre.

Soon after a short walk you’ll encounter the Rye towers. This fortress dates back to medieval times as the city had to defend itself from external attacks. The Rye tower is now a museum with plenty of things to see and discover.

Walking on the cobbled streets will take you to another time. This is the place chosen by celebrities, artists and the socialite. Many famous characters chose to live here because of the town’s proximity with the capital.

The streets meet canals and bridges and you can have a feeling of what life in Victorian times was. If you want something different, the antiques shops that pop out in every town corner won’t disappoint.

A walk towards the countryside gives plenty of fresh air and is a good way to exercise. There are sing on every spot, you don’t get lost here. There is also the option of renting a bicycle and ride through the cycle path which covers the town from beginning to end.

Discovering the harbour is another way of expending the afternoon.  As the town grew so did its port and in 1980 the harbour was reconstructed into what we see today. Yachts can be also rented and navigate through the town waters is an amazing experience.  Plus you get a different perspective of the town.

If you prefer solid ground, the Rye nature reserve offers the option of watching the birds that congregate in the area. There are a number of fundraising events through the calendar year to keep the place running. If you happen to be here while an event is taking place, give it a go. You’ll be helping the Reserve.

Rye is close to the popular Camber Sands. If you want to explore a bit further away the sandy beaches of Camber Sands gives another option to relax.

At 2 miles from Rye you can explore the Winchelsea wine cellar. This medieval wine cellar is a unique place to visit.  For the wine lovers, this subterranean corridors are not doubt a must see. Guide tours are available make sure you check availability before you go.

These are some of the options but Rye is so amusing that you’ll never stop discovering new things.