Grocery Bags, Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted By on Sep 8, 2017 |

Nowadays, the increase usage of reusable bags such as at is not only focusing with the use of paper as the main material used in making paper bags for grocery shopping but there are as well other ways for bags to evolved in such a manner that is environmentally friendly. Aside from branded shops, the grocery areas have the largest use of bags for placing all the items that is brought by customers. Not long ago, the use of plastic bags has been replaced in such a manner that it becomes mandatory to most grocery stores.

The disadvantage of using plastic bags has led many problems towards the society and it has become the world’s greatest concern as well. You will see plastic bags scattered anywhere like at the streets and even at the ocean. Environmental awareness is important, however, not everyone is implementing the need to take good care of it and what’s needed to be done is taken for granted by many people too.  To reinforce the use of paper bags and recyclable bags, it is also important that you weigh your options with the advantages and disadvantages. Here is the following comparison.


  1. It can be used many times- Yes! Regardless of the usage, you can actually reuse it. If you want to use it as your grocery bag, then it is best to keep on using it rather than having to collect more paper bags or recyclable grocery bags at the store. This will also avoid you from buying more bags which is not necessary.
  2. Safe to use- if you are to compare it with plastic bags, recyclable grocery bags are best fitted than the use of plastic bags. It can decay without providing hazard to the environment while plastic bags take a lot of time to decay or rather not at all because of it is made of chemical components that is a biohazard to the environment.
  3. Durable- cotton base type of paper bags is more durable compared to any type of paper bags. You can actually machine wash it especially if it gets soiled. These are mainly biodegradable which you won’t have to worry anything about the paper bag.


  1. Bacteria- it can lodge in the material of the recyclable paper bag for groceries. Keep in mind that bags can get dirty and if you want to reuse it again, ensure that it is clean and it is sprayed as well with antibacterial.
  2. Can shrunk while washing- the disadvantage of washing a cotton made grocery paper bag is that it can shrink after washing it and instead of using it for bigger purchase of items, you will end up getting more bags.
  3. The use of nylon grocery bags- these are great for recycling however, since this is made out of a product that is petroleum base, this could only mean that it is hard to dispose this type of material.
  4. Not a moisture resistant- another disadvantage is that it easily gets soiled compared to the use of plastic. So, as soon as your paper bag gets moistened it is understandable that it can’t be used longer.