Event Management

When selecting a UK DJ, it’s critical to handle certain issues to make sure you are selecting the right DJ company such as http://www.martinsloan.co.uk. When making your selection here are some of the most important matters to research about:


  1. Booking

When booking a DJ it’s important for the process to be direct. This could be through calling a landline number of e-mailing the company’s address. Making sure that the process is direct and easy. The reason is that your event is an important one, so it’s critical to make all the arrangements before the big day. Besides the booking itself, make sure that it’s easy to make changes when necessary, such as those related to the date, venue, and so on. This will also help to make planning for the trip as smooth as possible.

  1. Venue

This is another important issue related to the DJ-ed event. The reason is that they’ll need to get their equipment to the venue, whether it’s on the ground, 2nd, etc. floor. For example, some possible issues are related to whether stairs or an elevator would be needed to get the equipment to the event. Thus, you should address this issue when hiring a DJ for a big event.

  1. Setup

Make sure to learn about the setup time for the DJ. Typically this will be different amounts of time for different types of events. It’s critical as it will help to prepare for the event better and will make the event as smooth as possible. Typically a DJ needs 1-2 hours to set up for different events, although it will different for various types of events. What’s important is to get the information so the DJ has enough time to set up before the event.

  1. Insurance/Testing

You should also inquire about whether or not a company has full insurance. There’s a good chance that there won’t be any accidents during the event. However, it’s always better if the DJ has full liability insurance just in case. This will help to protect the DJ and yourself from difficult situations. You should also consider inquiring if the company’s equipment has been PAT-tested. This will help to ensure that it meets industry standards, which is definitely important. The bottom line is that both insurance and testing are important issues to consider to make sure that you get the best results possible. On the other hand, without such features there could be unwanted issues.

  1. Music

The DJ will be responsible for the playlist at the event. However, you might want to include certain songs at the event. In that case you should know whether such lists can be submitted to the DJ. You should also learn if the customer can also request a certain genre of music, or music from a particular decade. Such options can make the event better as the customer will have more input about which tunes are played during the big event. Since you’re paying for the services of the DJ, this should be allowed to provide better customer service. You certainly deserve to have such options.

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