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5 Reasons To Be A Florist

5 Reasons To Be A Florist

Posted By on Sep 22, 2017

Leon Hudson

Whether you’ve been dreaming of starting a flower shop for years or you’re exploring a new passion for the floral industry, here are some good reasons to open a flower shop. Make no mistake, starting a flower business is hard work and takes lots of energy. If you are 100% new to the floral industry, intern at a flower shop for six months so that you can get your feet wet and understand the business. But if you are an adventure-seeking, people-pleasing, creative soul with floral experience, read on!

Reason #1: Your customers will love you!

Your community is filled with people who need your services. By opening a flower shop, you can help them celebrate the major milestones of their lives.


Popular Occasions For Buying Flowers

Love & Romance: Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you’ll create floral arrangements for loved ones. As a flower shop owner, you’ll sell arrangements for dates, engagements, weddings, anniversaries.

Thank You: Your customers will request flowers after job interviews, fundraisers, and challenging times.

Sympathy: From short term illness to family funerals, you can make a difference in the lives of grieving customers.

Commemorative: Flowers add a beautiful touch to customer celebrations. Your flower shop could provide arrangements for Sweet Sixteens, Bar Mitzvahs, Prom, as well as major holidays.

Reason #2: You’ll get your creative juices flowing!

As a flower shop owner, you will constantly be in the process of creating something new.


Creative Decisions For Flower Shop Owners

Floral Design: Whether you hire a floral designer or put on your creative hat, your flower shop will need beautiful arrangements to sell to potential customers.

Marketing: Your business will offer brochures, banners, mailers, and an excellent florist website to reach the people in your community.

Reason #3: You can (probably) afford it!

Starting a floral business will require capital and good management, but it’s not nearly on the scale or starting a restaurant or many other retail businesses.


Financial Concerns When Starting A Flower Shop

Materials: Your supplies, florist POS system, and store front will cost less than larger businesses.

Equipment: Your flower shop will only need a few key pieces of equipment. Shop around for the best refrigerated cases, displays, and cutting systems.

Financing: Unlike a restaurant, you don’t need a large amount of money to get started. Many successful flower shops were started with personal savings and small business loans.

Reason #4: You can start out slow!

You can start an event only business to get a feel for the kind of work involved before committing to a storefront.  By concentrating on one aspect of the floral industry, you can start your business with less effort and more convenience than a full service reception room flowers Birmingham shop.

Business Opportunities For Flower Shop Owners

Online: Event businesses can build a presence and a following using social media and online advertising.

Events: Customers need flowers for weddings, birthdays, and fundraisers. By providing floral arrangements for events, you can capitalize on their large orders and regular business.

Reason #5: You may not find a better time to get started!

This might the perfect time to start a flower shop, and here’s why:

Freedom: As an entrepreneur, you control the direction and scale of your business. You will always have a boss (the customer) but you will have more control over your life!

Committed Customer Base:  Your flower shop can fill orders for customers as they walk through the various seasons of their lives.

Plenty of Opportunity: Your potential as a flower shop owner is still a big one. You can serve multimillion dollar clients from a storefront in Manhattan Beach or local residents at a kiosk in your town plaza – the opportunities for building your customer base are there.

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What should I take to a wedding flower consultation? Your professional florist like will guide you through all the requirements and information they need during the consultation, this will be a time when you’ll be able to start discussing plans you have made for your wedding and also ideas you have regarding your wedding flowers.

Start taking a look at images in weddings magazines, and marking the ones you like, or start a Pinterest board with things that catch your eye. This is very useful information to your florist – don’t feel that you need to choose specific flowers or even designs, but a collection of what you like will help your florist make suggestions and create wedding flowers that are tailored and perfect for you. It may be that you are going to your florist with an open mind, however having some idea of the direction you wish the wedding decorations to take may be useful.

What the florist will most likely ask?

Below we have listed a number of questions that might be asked at some point in your wedding planning (these will not all be asked at the first consultation) and aren’t meant to bamboozle you. They will help you consider how best to make the process more straightforward for yourself and your florist.

For example if you can take along images of bride, bridesmaids and groomsman’s outfits, along with sample of the fabrics – this helps enormously. It is a good idea, when meeting your wedding reception coordinator to ask for extra business cards. We hope that by considering these questions you can plan finer detail and answers. You will be one step ahead with all your wedding flower planning.

So here goes… some questions you may be asked;

  • All of your details; name, address, telephone numbers, email address etc.
  • The date of the wedding
  • The time of the wedding
  • What time you are leaving prior to your wedding?
  • Do you have any ideas about your wedding flowers?
  • Do you have a theme to your wedding?
  • Do you have any favourite flowers, or flowers you’d like to be used?
  • Do you have colours you would like to be used throughout the wedding flowers?
  • Do you have a budget for your wedding flowers?
  • Where are you staying before departing for your wedding?
  • Where are grooms man staying or meeting?
  • Where your ceremony is?
  • Where your reception is?
  • How tall is the bride?
  • Frame size of the bride?
  • Hair colour of the bride?
  • What is the style of the brides dress?
  • What is the colour of the brides dress?
  • What is the Fabric of the brides dress?
  • Is there any fine adornments to the dress e.g. pearls, crystals etc.?
  • Is the bride wearing a veil?
  • How many bridesmaids and flower girls are there?
  • What are the ages of the bridesmaids and flower girls?
  • What style are the bridesmaid dresses?
  • What is the colour of the bridesmaids and flower girls dresses?
  • What is the Fabric of the bridesmaids and flower girls dresses?
  • Is there just one best man?
  • Who is giving the bride away?
  • How many ushers are there?
  • Are there any page boys?
  • What is the groom wearing?
  • Do they have a waist coat and if so the colour?
  • Are they wearing a tie or cravat? What is the colour?
  • Do the groomsman have any other adornments e.g. colour handkerchiefs?
  • Is there a ring bearer?
  • Where would you like flowers in the church/ceremony location?
  • Who is the point of contact for the church/ceremony location?
  • Are there are other couple getting married on the same day, and if so what time they are married?
  • Have you considered the possibility of sharing church flower designs?
  • Who is the main point of contact at the reception venue?
  • How many rooms
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European Christmas Market Guide

European Christmas Market Guide

Posted By on Sep 21, 2017

Leon Hudson

There’s nothing like the festive atmosphere of a Christmas market whether that be at home or abroad. The season to start decking the halls and serve up homemade gingerbread men and mulled wine is very nearly upon us and to kick off your Christmas shopping you need a winter break to get those special presents sorted. Stalls around Christmas markets are heavy with wine, meat and roasting chestnuts. You’ve just got to get involved! You can book a break through a website like and get the whole family involved or you can head off on something more romantic for just two of you. Whether you are travelling abroad or staying nearer to home, we’ve put together our top destinations in a two part guide that will get you right in the festive spirit.

Found in the romantic square of the Austrian capital, twenty-five markets spring up on the beautiful cobbled streets of Vienna which promise elegant gifts in a unique and truly festive setting. The entire city of Vienna get involved with the events, a tradition that began in the 17th Century. The Viennese Christmas Market stands directly in front of City Hall with a charming backdrop perfect for traditional shopping. The highlight other than the delicious aromas that dance from stall to stall are the beautiful voices of international choirs as you search through for that absolutely perfect and unique gift for your loved one. There’s nothing quite like a Viennese Christmas Market and taking the time to book a break and have a look round is something you won’t regret.

The home to the oldest Christmas market in Europe, there are three hundred stalls in Strasbourg promising handcrafted gifts, decorations for the tree and indulgent treats for the taste buds. Not forgetting of course, the rich heavy flavours of the traditional Bredle sweets you can find at every corner. The winter wonderland is always best late in the afternoon as the Christmas lights turn on and the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread waft through the air. If you’re not fussy on lights, then going earlier in the morning means more time to look with less crowds. If you’ve booked your break through a site like you could get fabulous discounts and offers so always check online before you go.

Always famous for its beer and chocolate choices, it’s unsurprisingly a favourite amongst the lovers of the Christmas period. Easily accessed via a hop on the Eurostar, Belgium is perfect for finding Christmas gifts without the fuss. Festively lined in an array of Christmas trees and colourful mood lighting, the market exudes a fantastic festive atmosphere and houses excellent shopping opportunities. The ice rink centred in the market square is perfect for the family and a fun and exciting way to build an appetite for sampling Belgian culinary delights.

Ultimately you have many choices for where you decide to go for your Christmas market break, and that choice lays with you!

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Business plans are important because this will be the basis as to how you’re going to manage and improve things that are needed to be provided. Therefore, with business plans, you are assured as to the steps you will be taking one by one. Implementing your business plans is another step for you to check whether it is effective or not. Of course, your business project is a priority, and this needs further judgment from experts like at when it comes to using technology in producing good quality products.

The advantage of production planning allows your employees in understanding their role in your business. In this way, they will be able to meet the demand for your management. If you are planning this means that everyone in your business company benefits the complete changes such as being a public market and this could also mean that you will have a successful business. Furthermore, this will also lead you to a group of manufacturing experts such as at The experience of seeing your products manufactured with excellent quality because you are assured of the equipment that they are using.

Emphasizing the importance of business productivity means that you are close to become successful. The importance of upgrading your plan of activities should coincide with the entire process of change. This is another way of empowering your employees to make sure that they are following the trail in the improvement of the business. Here are the following reasons as to why the importance of electronic production and manufacturing plan of activities.

  1. Focuses on the customer- a business that is client oriented understands and hears out the demands of the of the people. This is an excellent way to producing a kind of product that you can have it manufactured in the latter end.

  1. The ease of doing the plan- a partnership is said to be in good condition if both parties agree to one another. This is why you will need to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the business plans that are put into practice.

  1. There are efficiency and communication is clear- do not accept dirty work that can only damage the relationship between you and the manufacturer. There should be great team work and collaboration from both the business owner and their production and manufacturer partners. Practicing transparency with work is one thing that you will need to ensure especially if there are any requests from the customers.

  1. A long lasting partnership- the real deal is to make sure that you are client oriented and as the years go by an improvement in your business would mean that the plan is a success.

The challenge if you want and need to succeed in business, getting in touch with people who can help identify your goals is one way for you to gain a lot of demands from your customers and other trading partners. Solving your production and manufacturing needs is one way for you to reach your business goals.

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Nowadays, the increase usage of reusable bags such as at is not only focusing with the use of paper as the main material used in making paper bags for grocery shopping but there are as well other ways for bags to evolved in such a manner that is environmentally friendly. Aside from branded shops, the grocery areas have the largest use of bags for placing all the items that is brought by customers. Not long ago, the use of plastic bags has been replaced in such a manner that it becomes mandatory to most grocery stores.

The disadvantage of using plastic bags has led many problems towards the society and it has become the world’s greatest concern as well. You will see plastic bags scattered anywhere like at the streets and even at the ocean. Environmental awareness is important, however, not everyone is implementing the need to take good care of it and what’s needed to be done is taken for granted by many people too.  To reinforce the use of paper bags and recyclable bags, it is also important that you weigh your options with the advantages and disadvantages. Here is the following comparison.


  1. It can be used many times- Yes! Regardless of the usage, you can actually reuse it. If you want to use it as your grocery bag, then it is best to keep on using it rather than having to collect more paper bags or recyclable grocery bags at the store. This will also avoid you from buying more bags which is not necessary.
  2. Safe to use- if you are to compare it with plastic bags, recyclable grocery bags are best fitted than the use of plastic bags. It can decay without providing hazard to the environment while plastic bags take a lot of time to decay or rather not at all because of it is made of chemical components that is a biohazard to the environment.
  3. Durable- cotton base type of paper bags is more durable compared to any type of paper bags. You can actually machine wash it especially if it gets soiled. These are mainly biodegradable which you won’t have to worry anything about the paper bag.


  1. Bacteria- it can lodge in the material of the recyclable paper bag for groceries. Keep in mind that bags can get dirty and if you want to reuse it again, ensure that it is clean and it is sprayed as well with antibacterial.
  2. Can shrunk while washing- the disadvantage of washing a cotton made grocery paper bag is that it can shrink after washing it and instead of using it for bigger purchase of items, you will end up getting more bags.
  3. The use of nylon grocery bags- these are great for recycling however, since this is made out of a product that is petroleum base, this could only mean that it is hard to dispose this type of material.
  4. Not a moisture resistant- another disadvantage is that it easily gets soiled compared to the use of plastic. So, as soon as your paper bag gets moistened it is understandable that it can’t be used longer.


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